1. Is it free to sign up as an affiliate?

Sure, it is free to sign up XPPen In-house Affiliate Program; we offer a one time $5 sign up bonus for now, late or never! The $5 sign up bonus will be automatically noticed on your affiliate account once your account approved by XPPen In-house Affiliate Program team. The $5 sign up bonus was excluded by the minimum payout $100, you need get at least $100 commission to withdraw the $5 sign up bonus together.

2. How about the Cookie duration?

30 days

3. How about the default commission rate?

The commission rate is 5%-8% based on categories. 5% for Graphic display, 6% for Graphic tablet, and 8% for Accessories.

4. How is the withdrawal application handled?

Payments are issues in US dollars, and will be paid once a month. You need submit the withdraw application before 15th of the given month, if you decide to withdraw at the month. All applications applied after 15th of the given month will be proceed by next month.

6. What is the withdrawal payment methods?

PayPal, Coupon Withdrawal and Bank Transfer are available for you. If you choose PayPal, the minimum payout value is $100, you are due for the transfer fees. $500 minimum payout value for Coupon Withdrawal, and XPPen will pay for the transfer fees. $1000 minimum payout value for Bank Transfer, and XPPen will pay for the transfer fees.

7. Is it possible for me to withdraw the commissions for the given month?

No, it is not possible for you to withdraw the commission for the given month. Since the hold time is 45 days for the XPPen in-house affiliate program. What you can withdraw is the commissions for last month or previous commissions for the month.

8. What is the Tier Commission?

The Tier Commission means that you will be commissioned for each order from affiliates your referred to XPPen affiliate program. It will be great if you can recommend your families and friends to buy Graphic display and Graphic tablet from XPPen.

9. PPC promotion is available for XPPen affiliates?

No, XPPen affiliate program prohibit any PPC promotion for partners, not limited to google, facebook, or bing. If violated, the commissions will be cancelled, the cooperation is over.

10. Is it possible to be commissioned for self-promotion orders?

Sure, as an affiliate of XPPen affiliate program, you will be commissioned if you buy something from XPPen with your affiliate link.